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Wildlife Conservation

Learn how to manage wildlife conservation to preserve nature.

As a member, you’ll have the privilege to experience the East Texas pineywoods and all the wildlife it has to offer!

Unlike any other exotic ranch in the US, you can find almost every hooved animal in the world at the Double Drop Ranch! You can spot anything from Elk to Kangaroos to Buffalo, this ranch has so much to see and experience.

Join our preservation today and make it your mission to learn the knowledge and skills it takes to create a sustainable management plan for increasing wildlife populations!

We don’t limit our preservations to just the terrestrial environment! We also are big on aquatic management! We want to ensure the healthiest of ecosystem so that the marine life can thrive! See how that’s done! 

At Double Drop Ranch we strive to ensure the safety of all hunters! We accomplish this by taking the time to teach our visitors proper gun safety; we want you to be comfortable and confident behind your rifle!

Take advantage of our long range shooting course to do all the target practice you want!

Texas Deer hunting requires specific instructions to ensure a safe and successful harvest!

Before heading out to the field, you must ALWAYS remember.

  • Your Texas hunting license (Available Online)
  • Know your weapon (always double check to make sure your weapon is sighted in and triple check your safety)
  • Appropriate clothing (you want to wear clothing that blends into the surrounding environment and allows you to move freely)
  • Be observant (deer typically stick to a pattern. You want to observe and learn their patterns)

Learn how to clean and quarter by observing skilled knifemen at first hand! Tools you’ll need to butcher and process your own meat

Get hands on! Exclusively for members, we have a private petting zoo for making memorable wildlife interactions for the entire family to enjoy!